IMA's Weekly Mosaic Workout Challenge

Institute of Mosaic Art's Weekly Mosaic Workout Challenge. We are challenging ourselves, and whoever wants to join us, to make a mosaic every week from June 6th to November 6th, 2014. 

Finding inspiration "un-originally"

Week 12 - What we made, what we learned...

Another quiet week for the Challenge. I suspect many people were out enjoying their last breath of summer this past week and holiday weekend.  Hopefully you are well-rested and ready to head into Fall and the explosion of holidays quickly approaching (school has barely started and the Halloween and Christmas displays are already up in some stores!)

Though several people let me know they were not fans of these past two weeks of "copying" prompts, I think some really lovely pieces have resulted!  

Artist: Sima Zeiger

Piece: Reproduction of Picasso's Bust of a Woman with Hat 1962   Style: Expressionism, Period: Later Years, Genre: Portrait, Technique: Linocut, Material: Paper

My Materials: smalti, vitreous and contorni glass

Time: Its was definitely a challenge for me to complete this project in 3 hrs. I could have spent a couple more days getting it just right. Overall, I'm happy with this piece.

The linocut presented a challenge because I needed to make many glass cuts to match the design of the original.






Artist: Cheryl Compton

Title:  Dance at the Barre

Materials:  Tile fragments and Glass found at the beach, thinset colored with acrylic paints and backing tile

Time:  2 Hours

Comments:  One of my favorite artists is Edgar Degas.  His beautiful portraits of dancers being so captivating to me.  I decided to try and do a single figure using materials that I already had on hand.  As I laid it out, the beauty of the background colors seemed to come out strongly (as opposed to a grey or white thinset).  So I began playing around with colors in the thinset.  I wanted it to be much darker, but like the effect of the colors with a palette knife instead of the normal flat surface.  The problem I had is that the thinset starts to harden so quickly that I felt pressed to get all the colors mixed and on the backing.  So, I didn't get the final colors as dark as the ones that I had done for testing beforehand.  Overall, I really like the effect of how it came out.  Now exactly what I wanted in color, but something I will definitely play around with more and try to master for the future. 





Artist: Dotti Stone

Project: Fabrication of a section from Georgia O'Keeffe's "Music: Pink and Blue II"

Time: approx 3 & 1/2 hours

Size" 6"x6"

Thoughts: This was done using double reverse method and has not yet been glued to a substrate.  Haven't decide whether or not it will be grouted, but probably not.

The biggest decision was what to use to give life to the colors from what I had on hand to use. Most is Colorfusion Crystal glass and a small portion is small recycled glass tiles. 

Research time to figure out what art work to use was not factored in to the working time about - probably spent about 1-1 1/2 hours viewing work and deciding what could be done in a minimal amount of time and be something I would enjoy doing. Copying another's work isn't something I would normally be inclined to do, but can be a learning experience.

Artist:  Sherry E. Wallis

Title:  Zentangled Akita Dog with Red Bar

Materials:  Stained glass, polymer clay, mirror tile--may add some crystals later.  

Time:  about 10 hours

Comments:  I've borrowed from both Laurie Mika and Rick and Maria, the founders of Zentangle (tm).  My introduction to polymer clay and its possibilities for mosaics began with Laurie.  Part of the beauty of her work is the obvious regard for the inclusions in her work.  You can feel that she loves the little bits and bobs she puts onto each tessera.   I think I feel the same connection with my dogs--the ones in my work. 

I've been fascinated by Zentangle since we had a workshop with an instructor, and I've been bringing it into my mosaics.  All the tiles are hand-made canes.  Zentangle-art is supposed to be spontaneous, each design composed of simple patterns that repeat to make what appears to be a complicated design.

As usual, I've not grouted.  I think I might like to add some beads in some of the interstices of the Zentangle design but I'm not sure about that.  This piece is going to an auction to raise money for health research into canine disease.

What I've learned--I set out to do something entirely different, and I think I've actually done the challenge for this week--borrowing from a non-mosaic artist (Zentangle).  So maybe I'll just switch it up and do last week's challenge, but this time really borrow from Laurie Mika, since this one is a little light on her influence except for being out of polymer clay.