IMA's Weekly Mosaic Workout Challenge

Institute of Mosaic Art's Weekly Mosaic Workout Challenge. We are challenging ourselves, and whoever wants to join us, to make a mosaic every week from June 6th to November 6th, 2014. 

Guest Prompt! Animate

Hello Challengers, I'm back on schedule and almost fully recovered from the latest bug. Congratulations to all of you who continue to stick with the workouts, even when you aren't so fond of the prompts.  I'm sure it will be a bit harder for some people now that summer is ending but hopefully you'll still get one or two more in before the end of the Challenge. 

Week 13 - "Animate"

Brought to you by: Delaine Hackney

See more of Delaine's work at

See more of Delaine's work at

We have a professional mosaic artist giving the workout this week and she is not worried about making us break a sweat!

If you are familiar with Delaine's work, her prompt makes perfect sense. Known around IMA especially for her whimsical pet portraits, Delaine has a knack for animating her subjects. Take a look at her website and think about what brings her mosaics to life - how do the use of color and materials play in?

Don't worry, you are not required to do a portrait (I won't do that to us, Julie Sperling!) I can think of at least a couple mosaics made for workouts past that have a sense of animation with no animate objects in them.  If you are stuck for an approach try scrolling back through past workouts and see if something in someone else's work sparks an idea.