IMA's Weekly Mosaic Workout Challenge

Institute of Mosaic Art's Weekly Mosaic Workout Challenge. We are challenging ourselves, and whoever wants to join us, to make a mosaic every week from June 6th to November 6th, 2014. 

Lemons, lemons, lemons

Week 9 - Loving Lemons

Another small group this week. Either folks are busy with summer fun or they just weren't inspired to do anything with those lemons.  Again this week, I had some thoughts but no chance to explore or execute - so it's another workout on my list of catch-ups. 

Hope you are enjoying your cocktails and treats as we approach the end of summer. 

Artist: Julie Sperling

Title: “G&T”

Size: 4.25″ x 4.25″

Materials: Limestone and gin bottle

How long did it take to complete? Three hours

Thoughts: When I read the challenge for this week, I immediately thought of a gin and tonic. I know, I know, they’re traditionally made with limes, but we don’t get too picky with our citrus fruit here in this household, so humour me. I just happened to have an empty gin bottle, which I smashed and paired with some limestone. Like last week, I just flung myself into the challenge without a plan. I was neither here nor there with this challenge (and the result), and I’m not sure I learned much, except that I should’ve picked a lighter thinset colour in order to make the green glass pop a bit more.

Artist:  Sherry E Wallis

Title:  The Big Rock Candy Mountain

Size: about 12" x 8

Time:  About 20 minutes

Thoughts:  All this week, I've wanted desperately to retire to my studio and work on my piece, but something has taken me away every time.  A friend of mine who is very ill asked me to take over a big project which is already over deadline; I had a project of my own that I'd budgeted time for which I had to do, and very unexpectedly, one of our Akitas died very unexpectedly.  And I'm leaving town for Oakland.  

So I didn't get very much done on my piece.  At first I was really stumped, and then I went back to the hoard for more of those stained glass pieces I bought so many years ago.  Sure enough, I found an oval-shaped piece of yellow stained glass, just like a lemon.  While I was mulling over the possibility of a geometric design, I started singing about the lemonade springs at the Big Rock Candy Mountains.  Well, why not?

I got a few pieces down, and I put a few more to give the idea.  And, no, nothing's wrong with the color.  I decided after looking at the lemonade trickling down into the lemonade springs, that our lemonade would be pink!  The yellow...well, you can just imagine.

The crystal fountain makings are beside the spring, yet to be placed, and, of course, the pink  triangle thingies will be cut and will meander down to the pink lemon,  more like water than they look now.  There will be peppermint trees (and some lemon-drop ones with YELLOW lemons), along with assorted candies--little chocolate kisses, caramel pinwheels, sugar candies, etc..  Can't wait to finish it.

Artist: Nan Judson

Title: Longings (When life gives you lemons, do not leave your longings unattended.)

Size: 6 “ x 6”

Time spent: 4+ hours

Materials: Stained glass, china, seed beads, and glass tiles on wood.

Thoughts: I took the quote for this mosaic from Austin Kleon’s book, Steal Like An Artist. I received the face and the metal shape in my SAMA grab bag in May. This mosaic came together rather quickly, and was fun to do. I originally was going to do lips and a smile with the saying “Grin and bear it”, but this was much more fun to execute. 

Artist:  Janice Oravec

Title: Marmalade

Size: 6"x 6" substrates

Time:  3 hours (basketball time)

Materials:  Vitreous Glass

Thoughts: Left the challenge until Friday evening, oops. The more I filled in my mosaic, the more difficult it became to keep a balance. I am pleased with the outcome. But my pleasure is felt more through the process rather than the outcome. 

Artist: Kelli Russell

Title: wall vase

Time: 3 hours (First time I’ve done that! It was doable this go-round because EVERYTHING I used was already cut/broken/etc.)

Thoughts: When life gives you a broken coffee mug, make a mosaic! Went to my supply bin(s) with a completely different idea in mind and this is what happened instead. I was a little nervous about using white grout but went ahead because I wanted the white mug to look like it belongs on the piece and wasn’t just stuck on as an afterthought. I’m so pleased with how this came out. I almost passed on this week entirely because I didn’t have a solid idea. This week was a good reminder/lesson on the importance of showing up! (Gotta learn how to get photos that show the colors without reflecting the light …)

Artist: Marsha Lipnisky

Title:   "Bowl of Lemons 1"

Size:  6" x  6"  wall tile

Time: 5 hours plus (kept changing my mind about the background colors)



Materials: Glass tiles and beads glued on with Weldbond and finished with Butter Cream colored grout.


Artist:  Randina Casenza
Title:   Give me Lemon Zest!
Size:  6” x 6” 
Time spent:    not sure
Materials:  stained glass, glass elementile

Thoughts: I haven’t been able to keep up with the weekly mosaics, but this week’s project coincided with my teaching an Intro to Glass Mosaics class at IMA, and I needed a grout sample for the second day of class. Perfect! A small sample to demonstrate grouting to the class!

Artist: Sima Zeiger
Title: One Lemon
Materials: smalti and stone
Time: 4 hours
Thoughts: I played with shadow and andamento on this piece and happy with results. I enjoyed working with stone and the contrast it offers to the shiny smalti.