IMA's Weekly Mosaic Workout Challenge

Institute of Mosaic Art's Weekly Mosaic Workout Challenge. We are challenging ourselves, and whoever wants to join us, to make a mosaic every week from June 6th to November 6th, 2014. 

Last but not least

Week 20 - The final prompt of the WMW Challenge 2014


Here we are, the final prompt post of the Challenge.  

This has been quite an experience. Fairly early on I recognized that running IMA (as a relatively new small business owner, still figuring lots out as I go) didn't allow for enough mental space or physical time in studio to actually work on the weekly pieces. So, I didn't achieve the goal I set out for myself but I  have still so enjoyed running the Challenge and seeing everyone's work and reading about your thoughts and processes. 

Our numbers of weekly submissions have dwindled here near the very end, but people continue to sign up! I've also received many notes about how much someone is enjoying seeing the works each week, even though they cannot participate at this time or that they plan to use the prompts outside of the Challenge to help them move forward in their mosaic endeavors.  What I thought would be a little project for my mother and I and maybe a few IMA students has had far greater reach than I anticipated, and that has been really exciting. 

What's next for the Challenge?

I will be posting results from last week and this week over the next two weeks so it's not over yet!  After that, per request, I'll post any pieces from the Challenge that were in progress earlier and have now been completed (grouted, etc.) It would be great to continue to post submissions from people new to the Challenge who are going back through and trying some of the workouts too. I'd really like to set up some "galleries" for each week's results and allow people to post their own but given other projects I'm embroiled in, I  cannot take on sorting that out at this time. 

Based on the response to the Challenge, I'll likely do something similar next year. There will be some obvious changes, the biggest of which is creating more of a forum where participants can interact with one another more easily and comment on/discuss individual works -- maybe a private Facebook or Google+ group or perhaps a thread on CMA?   I don't like to ask those who aren't on social networks to join them in order to participate but maybe there's a happy in-between place. Let me know if you have preferences/suggestions.

Week 20 - Artist's Choice

Yep, this one is up to you.  

Look at the work you've done over the past 4 months, think about what you've enjoyed, what you've hated, what you are capable of accomplishing given a week and a few hours in the studio. Use the materials you love, choose a design that plays to your strengths, make something that reminds you why you fell for mosaic in the first place.