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Urban Mosaic Eyes Day at IMA - Make an Eye for Laurel True's Mural

Come make a mosaic EYE for Laurel True and The Global Mosaic Project's Urban Eyes Project, a project bringing  together artists from around the globe.

Participants create mosaic eye for a Global Mosaic Project in New Orleans. The mural will be on the street at the crossroads of three historical and culturally diverse neighborhoods and will explore themes of globalization, anti-violence, personal and public awareness and VISION/ INSPIRATION.

This project has gone totally viral with tons of eyes being created for Laurel's mural globally, as we speak!  


When: Saturday, April 12th  12:00 -4:00  

Where: Institute of Mosaic Art

Who: Experienced mosaicists who would like to participate by creating a mosaic eye

Cost: FREE

Materials: Materials are included in the event.

Mosaic Eyes:

  • 1-3 Eyes per artist

  • 5.5 - 8 inches long

  • Glass or Tile (not both)

  • On fiberglass mesh or tile tape

Register for the Event HERE

*You must have experience with the medium you are working with to participate in this project. Suggested - At least two mosaic classes

**This event is not a class or a commission. It is a gathering for mosaic artists to simply be able to participate in this incredible project together. Laurel will credit all artists who contribute an eye to her mural.

For Full Project Information via Laurel & The Global Mosaic Project Click HERE

Mosaic Eyes created by participants across the globe!

Eyes by Valerie Nicoladzé (and crew) of France