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'Mosaic Design Intensive' Class - New Expanded Focus!

Rachel Rodi has expanded and fully revamped her new 'Mosaic Design Intensive' class. Now Students learn about design fundamentals while they are taken through a professional design process step by step . Students learn to create a to-scale template based on the project size, explore themes and styles, create and edit the design, discover and select lay patterns that will accentuate the mosaic, learn how to select color and texture, and more. This is a fabulous opportunity!

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Class Topics include: 

- Finding Inspiration
- Working with different styles - Abstract, Realism, Whimsical, Objective, ect
- Creating a to-scale template to work with
- Designing with your materials limitations and possibilities in mind
- Creating Andamento (Lay Patterns) in the Design
- Tips on working from Photographs
- Choosing Color
- Selecting Materials that work together
- Calculating materials
- Developing your own style
- Layout - Scale and Balance
- Pattern and Texture
- Simple tools to Create Perspective

Designing Large.jpg