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News from the “new” Institute of Mosaic Art . . .

Now that Chapman Street facilities and the store are closed for good, we are sure that many folks in the IMA community are feeling the loss and wondering when the store will be re-stocked and the new facilities will be open. We want to keep you up to date on our progress, as well a few ways you might be able to get involved in the process.  
Currently we are working on adding some partition walls, resurfacing the concrete floors, installing sinks in the classrooms and improving the lighting at the new location. Once those items are done we’ll be inviting all of you to help us bring some color into the space at painting parties.  Stay tuned for dates and times . . .we’ll have food and beverages for volunteers and are looking forward to the opportunity for everyone to see the new space and help make it home to IMA.
We intend to expand the store inventory and are interested in what materials you would like to see us carry.  We can’t promise to fulfill everyone’s wishes but will do our best to have a good supply of quality materials and tools on hand for your projects.  While we plan to stock up for opening, the assortment we carry will continue to expand over the next several months. If you have special wishes, favorite items, etc., we would love to hear from you—you can e-mail
We have pretty full calendar of classes through early November including Visiting Artists
Kelley Knickerbocker, Michael Kruzich, Carol Shelkin, (our own) Laurel True, Ellen Blakeley, Deb Aldo and Laurie Mika.  We also have Glass Garden Sphere, Mosaic Portraiture, a Community Mosaic project at Markham Elementary School, and a brand new six week evening class Self Portrait/Alter Ego (see description below).
For our first exhibit we’d like to feature YOUR work . . .we’ll be sending out more information on this shortly but in the meanwhile go make something fabulous to hang or display in our first show!!!
Ilse and Sophia